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Aug 26, 2016

With Eric Santostefano, Tim Floros, Jim Adams
& Eric Gilliard at Levante Brewing Company

We return to Levante Brewing in West Chester, PA, one year after our first visit. Along with returning guests Eric Santostefano, Tim Floros and Jim Adams, we welcomed Eric Gilliard to the show. Shennanigans ensued immediately. Since our first visit to Levante, the day before the grand opening, the brewery has grown immensely, with a packed tap room, a huge array of offerings and an ever growing staff. Dan got us up to speed on some news, we played Happy Fun Time staple Libation or Fabrication and Steph related some barrel aging tips in Know Your Beers. Plus, we sampled a long list of brews from Levante’s Anniversary HOP Party.