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Jan 31, 2014

For this episode, we were joined by two guests...but not at the same time: Colin Presby from Stoudt's returned, and we had an interview with Natalie DeChico from Weyerbacher.  Wayne debuted a new Happy Fun Time Game, and we drank several delicious Weyerbacher beers.

Jan 17, 2014

Bockman himself has returned to the Beer Busters Podcast basement!  Colin Presby, now of Stoudt's Brewing Company, stopped by to fill us in on his bid to run for the American Homebrewers Association's governing board.  He also brought some deliicious treats from Stoudt's for us to try.

Jan 3, 2014

Christian Mosebach, head brewer for Golden Avalanche Brewing Company, stopped by to be our fourth Beer Buster for this episode.  He braved snow-covered roads to deliver us some of his delicous brews, as well as help us run down the usual: news, Happy Fun Time Games, and Know Your Beers - this time being beerducated on...