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Aug 29, 2015

Mike Manning from The Colony Meadery
& John Rowe from County Seat Spirits

Housed in the same building as HiJinx are two other purveyors of craft beverages, The Colony Meadery and County Seat Spirits. After hanging with the HiJinx guys we invited Mike from the meadery and John from the distillery to sit down with us and...

Aug 28, 2015


With Curt Keck and Chris Becker
at HiJinx Brewing Company

We had an evening of tomfoolery at HiJinx in brewing in Allentown, PA with co-founders and brewers Curt and Chris. Our gracious hosts talked about their brewing history, their adventures at HiJinx and more. Dan gave us the low-down on some news including...

Aug 14, 2015

With John Companick at Spellbound Brewing

For our first podcast recording outside the bounds of our home state of Pennsylvania, we took a trip to Spellbound Brewing in Mt Holly, New Jersey. Co-founder John Companick sat down with us to talk about the brewery, the beers and to make fun of us for being from PA. Also...