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Mar 22, 2019

Every once and a while on the podcast we get to talk about a liquid other than beer. Whether it’s cider or kombucha or even soda, it can be a nice change of pace. This time, we got to learn a whole lot about coffee. We set up our brand new mixer (eternal thanks to our patrons) at Stolen Sun Craft Brewing & Roasting Company in Exton, PA. Don’t worry, we did drink and chat about a lot of their great beers, but we also discussed the nuances of our second favorite beverage with owner Jon Zangwill and partner Travis Bailey. From traveling the world to select the best beans, to roasting techniques and more, we took a dive into what makes great coffee. We also talked about the brewery, the beer, and the idea of a hybrid coffee shop/tap room. Dan reported on basketball announcer Kevin Harlan calling a fan’s beer mishap and Sony trademarking the homebrew from Breaking Bad, Schraderbräu. Wayne hosted a round of Libation or Fabrication (along with some interesting podcast statistics). And Steph chatted about hops in a “to be continued” segment of Know Your Beers, Know Your Hops Part 1. With a caffeine buzz achieved, we embarked upon an epic sampling of Stolen Sun suds throughout.

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