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Aug 12, 2022

This episode we’re joined by CEO of yet another Washington, D.C. brewery, James Warner from City-State Brewing. This craft brewery, taproom, arts venue, and event space celebrates the history and culture of DC and the people there strive to live its values in everything they make and do. Unfortunately, Dan was unable to make this recording and so Wayne and Steph attempt the steer the ship in his stead. Fortunately, James has lots of stories to tell and insightful things to say about beer, community, and more. We also chat about his journey to City-State, from growing up in Manhattan, finishing college in Scotland, to a stint in the Peace Corps and spending nearly a decade working on energy and climate change issues in Washington. Plus, his experience homebrewing, a brief time at ChurchKey Beer Bar, then a beer distributor, before launching City-State.

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