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Mar 10, 2017

With Greg Orth and Mike Reaser from Craft Tastings

Master of the “mouthgasm” Greg Orth joined us again for the fourth year in a row to once again guide us through the world of food an beer pairing. His less-than-silent-partner (this time), Mike Reaser also joined in. Mixing it up this time we embarked on a...

Feb 24, 2017

With Gage Siegel, Rex Craft and Alex Yedibalian from at Kings County Brewers Collective

We ticked another state off of our list of national conquest by heading to Kings County Brewers Collective in Brooklyn, NY to sit down with some of the crew from, a website and app that tracks tap...

Feb 10, 2017

With Alan Miller, Alex Govelovich, Carson Book, Ken Gramlich, Tim Klinger, Andy Enders & Karl Larson
at Boneshire Brew Works

In this episode we sat down with a rotating panel of guests (and some weaponry) at Boneshire Brew Works in Harrisburg, PA. We chatted about the journey to opening the brewery, the pros and...

Jan 27, 2017

With Pat Devlin, Tony Schneider & Dave Morrow
at Tattered Flag Brewery & Still Works

Venturing to central PA, this time to Tattered Flag in Middletown, we sat down with owner Pat Devlin, head brewer Tony Schneider and assistant brewer Dave Morrow. We talked about the brewery and still works’ beginnings...

Jan 13, 2017

With Ryan Krill, Jimmy Valm & Mark Graves at
Cape May Brewing Company

We’ve crossed state lines once again to follow our good friend Rockin’ Tuna Gravy Sauce (aka Mark Graves) to his new brewing gig at Cape May Brewing in Cape May, NJ. We sat down with Mark as well as Co-Owner and President Ryan Krill and...