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Aug 12, 2016

With Rod Smith, Chad Rieker and Bill Collister
at Columbia Kettle Works

In this episode we set out for Columbia, PA to sit down with owners Rod Smith and Bill Collister and brewer Chad Rieker at Columbia Kettle Works. We talked about the history of CKW and upcoming plans for expansion, Chad’s long family history of brewing and how he got to brew an over one hundred yeard old family recipe, and much more. Dan got us up to speed with news including an update on the ever expanding number of craft breweries in the US. We played Band or Beer in Happy Fun Time and Steph taught us about the techniques of dry hopping in Know Your Beers. Plus, we sampled Chad’s family-recipe Schwartzbier, an Iron Brewer competition winning DIPA concocted by friend of the show Chris Harvey and a heavenly bourbon barrel aged stout.