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Jan 16, 2015

With Dain, Jon and Mike from Saint Boniface Brewing

Amongst the shiny new brewing equipment at Saint Boniface Craft Brewing Co. in Ephrata, PA, we sat down with Marketing Director/Co-Owner Dain Shirey, Head Brewer/Founder/Co-Owner Jon Northup and Sales Manager/Founder/Co-Owner Mike Price to chat about the company’s history, recent expansion, new canned beer offerings and more. Dan ran down the news, including breweries naming woes, craft beer on Delta Airlines and a new gluten-free brew from Stone. The ever-popular staple of Happy Fun Time, Libation or Fabrication, provided trivia and shennanigans. Steph continued to beerducate us on proper glassware in Know Your Beers. And we sampled an array of fine St. Boniface brews. (No squids were harmed in the making of this episode.)