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Nov 28, 2014

“Live” at Brewphoria 12 at Canal Street Pub

Brewphoria at the Canal Street Pub in Reading, Pennsylvania is a semi-annual beer fest that’s brought some of the best breweries from the region and beyond to our hometown since 2007. At the suggestion of Beer Busters Besties Luke and Trevor of Evil Genius Beer, we were lucky enough to arrange to set up shop and record at this year’s edition of the event. Canal Street is truly a gem of the city of Reading (and the host of the Berks County Homebrew Club meetings) and the perfect venue for this legendary but not-over-crowded beer fest. After sitting down pre-game with our featured guests, the aforementioned Evil Geniuses, our ever diligent photographer/DD/brand ambassador Rich gathered up the representatives from the majority of the 19 breweries pouring there to sit down, share some beers and chat a while.