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Sep 4, 2020

It’s hard to believe we’ve done 200 episodes of Beer Busters. One fateful day way back in the Spring of 2013, Dan and Steph sat down with a slapped together recording set up in Steph’s basement and nervously tried to talk about beer in an insightful and entertaining way. Soon Wayne joined and, before we knew it, we were travelling to breweries far and wide (relatively), recording on site at festivals and other events, and constantly being shocked that people not only listened to us, but took our little project seriously. Unfortunately, here at 200 episodes, we are in a socially distant, Zoom call phase. But we’re still having a blast and connecting with amazing people. For better or worse, this milestone episode was nothing like the giant live event for our 100th. The world has changed a lot since then, and, honestly, so have we.

It so happened that, in the course of following the Black is Beautiful beer project, we connected with the only distillery (so far) involved in it. McClintock Distilling and Idiom Brewing in Frederick, Maryland joined forces to create both a Black is Beautiful beer and a whiskey distilled from that beer. At the top of the episode, we chat with Braeden, co-founder and distiller at McClintock and Mike Clements, owner and brewer at Idiom, while sampling this unique pair of beverages. For the rest of the episode, the three of us embarked on a marathon tasting of all the various Black is Beautiful beers we’ve collected over the last few months. We rambled, unfettered from guests to interview (still remains to be seen if that was a good idea), about topics both trivial and consequential. We also revisited one of the first ever iterations of Libation or Fabrication in an impromptu Happy Fun Time Games segment. So, that was fun.

Whether this is the first or 200th episode of Beer Busters you’ve listened to, we would simply and sincerely like to say: Thank you.

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