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Aug 21, 2020

What had been scheduled long in advance as an on-site podcast recording for Pour Man’s second anniversary became, in the age of Corona, another socially distant podcast. That didn’t stop the fun, though. Sam and Ryan first appeared on Beer Busters when we were at Pour Man’s in Ephrata, PA for episode 164, in which we had a pretty raucous evening. They return along with long-time partner, Mike King, to chat about the latest at the brewery, adding canning, expanding their offerings and distribution, doing deliveries, and planning a second anniversary event amidst the pandemic. In Happy Fun Time, Wayne hosted a round of There’s Weird in My Beer … and Two Cocktails. At the top of the episode, we sampled another Black is Beautiful beer, this time a Brown Ale collaboration between Tröegs and Harris Family Brewing. In a rare feet of planning and organization, the guys were kind enough to get us a handful of their beers ahead of time so we could actually drink the product made by the people on the show.

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