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Feb 14, 2020

Honestly, we could podcast here every episode. In fact, our guest and one of our favorite people in the beer industry, Ethan from Stickman Brews, has his own podcast. It’s called Bad Beer and High Prices and features Ethan and partners Jim and Kate. You should check it out. You should also listen to this episode of Beer Busters. Unfortunately, the rest of the crew were ailing and couldn’t join us. But, Ethan is more than enough for an episode chock full of honesty, ranting, and laughter. We discuss Untappd, Yelp, selling out, the prevalence of  drugs in the food/beverage industry, and much more. Dan reported on the news, including the acquisition of Press Seltzers by Constellation Brands. Wayne hosted round two of There’s Weird in My…Booze in Happy Fun Time. We skipped Know Your Beers to allow for more drinking and chatting. After this, check out our previous Stickman episodes here, here, here, and here.

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