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Aug 25, 2019

We return once again to Levante Brewing in West Chester, PA and the usual madness ensues. Joining us are President Tim Floros, CMO Jim Adams, and Head Brewer Greg Harris. In a secret back office we plowed through cases upon cases of delicious Levante cans while discussing exciting new beers, collaborations, beer delivery, and some rather uncouth things about muppets and much more. Plus, we sampled the new line up of really tasty seltzers (all the cool kids are doing it) released under the name ReVibe. In Happy Fun Time, Wayne hosted a round of Bad Beer Reviews. And, Steph continues her one-thousand-part series on hops in Know Your Beers. This one is off the rails from the jump – you’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, but you’ll also learn a thing or two…we promise.

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