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Jul 26, 2019

Once again we bravely tread outside our comfort zone, this time with an episode all about mead. Rebel Hive Meadery is a newly-established, award-winning mead-making outfit, headed by husband and wife team Ryan and Meghan Ludwig. At their new production facility (to include a future tap room) housed in a beautifully restored location in Reading, PA, we sat down with the pair to sample their amazing honey-based libations and chat about the business, their history, and the world of mead. This episode was recorded with a pretty long lead time before release, so rather than bring you old news, Dan forwent the news altogether – giving us more time to bask in the rare occasion to learn about a product we are relatively unfamiliar with. Continuing with the theme of booze beyond beer, Wayne hosted a round of There’s Weird in My…Wine in Happy Fun Time Games. And Steph shared some tips on making mead at home (home-meading?) from BYO Magazine.

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