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Apr 5, 2019

This time around we are on location at Pour Man’s Brewing in Ephrata, PA. We sat down with the trio of owners, Ryan, James and Sam to chat about the story behind the young brewery, the flexibility in experimentation as well as the trials and tribulations that come with a very small batch operation, and much, much more. No news this time around, as this episode was recorded waaay before its release (and also the day after Dan was to urgent care for a rather unceremonious injury.) Wayne hosted a round of There’s Weird in My Beer in Happy Fun Time, and Steph followed up last episode’s edition of Know Your Beers with Know Your Hops Part 2. All the while imbibing a not insignificant amount of beer. For our patrons, be prepared for some freestyle rapping in the shit show that is this episode’s Last Call segment (available to Patreon supporters only).

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