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Jan 25, 2019

In this unusual episode, we returned to Root Down Brewing in Phoenixville, PA for a rotating panel of guest from three breweries that share a unique friendship. Root Down owner Mike Hamara returned to the mic along with brewer Steve Bischoff. Founder of Tired Hands in Ardmore, Jean Broillet joined us next, followed by Sean, Dylan and Kevin from East Branch in Downingtown. Over a lineup of brews from each brewery, this eclectic group of friends discussed their relationship, the local beer scene, the state of craft beer, and – of course – a bit about each of their respective establishments. Roughly broken into three segments, this episode stayed a lot closer to the rails than was expected – though we devolve toward the end in traditional Beer Busters fashion. Also, for our Patrons, keep an eye out for the Last Call segment of this episode, you will have more voices in your head than you ever believed possible.

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