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Sep 22, 2018

Fore our mini-milestone 150th episode we returned to Mad Chef Craft Brewing in East Petersburg, PA and brought along an entourage of our patrons. Returning to the podcast were co-owners Francisco Ramirez and Greg Kendig, and making their debut were brewer Sean Raney and manager Tom Shuler. Over samples of every single beer on tap (that’s 15, if you’re keeping score), we chatted about Mad Chef’s recent accolades, expansion plans, and much more. Dan reported on Dogfish Head’s new sour series, a $5 craft beer at a football stadium (!), and the last Blockbuster store releasing its own beer. Wayne hosted another edition of Brewery or Forgery (with entries provided by our patron, James Lamberg). And, in Know Your Beers, Steph discussed brewing with chocolate.