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May 31, 2024

Philadelphia is the best beer drinking city in America. And, for closing in on 20 years, Philly Beer Week has been the beer celebration to be at. This episode we sit down with Rich Colli, the current Main Man behind Philly Beer Week and Philly Loves Beer, the organization behind it. Rich is also the owner of the well-known Varga Bar in Philadelphia. We chat about the changes that have come to Beer Week, and the beer world in general, in the years since the pandemic. Hear all about this year’s awesome 10-day celebration, some of the amazing events throughout the city, and general conversation about great beer events and the people behind them. In Happy Fun Time, we play a round of Libation or Fabrication Makes a Left Turn at Albuquerque, that ends with a special surprise for our top-level patrons…

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