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Nov 10, 2023

For nearly a decade, almost as long as we’ve been doing this podcast, Stickman Brews has been the unequivocal purveyor of the finest beers in Southeastern Pennsylvania. As of October 2023, this, like all good things, has come to an end. In all seriousness, Ethan Buckman – the inimitable proprietor and brewer for Stickman – along with partners Jim Buckman and Kate Sorrento, and many other fine folks who worked to make Stickman the unique endeavor that it was, have joined the ranks of our most loved and appreciated friends in the industry. We sit down this episode with Ethan for his “exit interview” to discuss the factors and decisions that lead to the closing, the state of the beer industry (and food and beverage generally) and where it may be headed, and of course some ruminations on what the future may hold for Ethan. While we are sad to see the end of Stickman Brews, the friendships we made along the way will endure, and we are certain there are great things coming from everyone who was a part of the Stickman team.

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