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Dec 9, 2022

Joining us this episode are Co-Founder and Head Brewer Matthew Steinberg, and General Manager Kelsey Roth from Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing Company in Framingham, Massachusetts. Founded in September 2015, Exhibit ‘A’ is well known for its “farm to can” initiatives focusing on local sourcing for its beers, sustainable practices, and social initiatives around equity in brewing. We chat about all of those things and much more, including exporting beer to Japan and who has and has not heard of Trillium. In Happy Fun Time, we played Libation or Fabrication with a twist inspired by the most important meal of the day. Oh, and stick around to the end of the episode because the guys at Exhibit ‘A’ were awesome enough to send us some beer, but it got to us late. So, we recorded a segment of just the three of us tasting and talking about those brews and some other random stuff.

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