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Apr 1, 2022

Perennial podcast pontificator Ethan Buckman, proprietor of Pennsylvania’s own Stickman Brews, joins us this episode to…well, here are his own words: “I’ve got a lot to say and I’m hoping you will let me once again take this lovely thing you have made and co-opt it entirely for my own.” Those lots of things to say were about lagers, including addressing some comments made on our past lager-centric episodes. This one gets pretty deep in the weeds on the technical aspects of brewing, Ethan and Steph touch upon several insightful topics and Wayne and Dan try to keep up. With varying levels of success. But, it’s not all pH and Plato, we of course play a Happy Fun Time Game, one that is appropriate for a much beloved and oft-appearing guest, the much-beloved and oft appearing Libation or Fabrication. Also, Dan and Wayne accidentally drank a barleywine. It was Tuesday.

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