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Jul 2, 2021

We’re joined this episode by our longtime friend and frequent podcast guest, Ethan Buckman from Stickman Brews. We chat about what’s new with Stickman, Ethan’s new venture, False Bottom Spirits, and a number of other things of varying degrees of randomness. In Happy Fun Time, Wayne hosted a round of the rarely-seen Brewery or Forgery, in which Dan, Steph, and Ethan compete to see who can spot the fake brewery names among the real. Also, we drank some Stickman beers.

On a more serious note, this episode we announce the details of the upcoming Brews and Bands for Bart block party fundraiser at Tattered Flag Brewery to benefit Bart Kaminski, founder of Hop Hedz, who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He has been responding very well to treatment and maintained his trademark high spirits, but the medical bills are adding up. If you don’t know Bart or Hop Hedz, you have definitely seen his work if you’ve spent any time drinking beer in Pennsylvania or beer from our state. Bart has been a huge presence in PA craft beer for many years, designing beer themed apparel and merchandise as well as providing graphic design and branding for more breweries than you can count, plus planning and facilitating beer events of all kinds. More importantly, he is an amazing human being who has positively affected the lives of countless people, including us at Beer Busters. More detail in this episode, and we will soon be devoting an entire episode to this event, chatting with Tattered Flag, Hop Hedz, and Dean Pierce, a homebrewer and general beer guy who helped put this all together.

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