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Feb 19, 2021

Welcome to a slapdash, socially distant installment of our annual Valentine’s Day-ish tradition of a beer and food pairing session with Greg Orth, founder of Craft Tastings, LLC. Since we were unable to proceed in our normal fashion – gathered around the pool table in the Beer Busters basement with whiskeypopcornsurprisesbacongrilled cheese, or lots of chocolate – this time around we tried a free-for-all quarantine pairing. With various beers from our beer fridges and snacks from our pantries, we mixed and matched through the most DIY and off-the-rails Craft Tastings episode to date. In the midst of the madness, we played a round of There’s Weird in My Beer in Happy Fun Time, and talked a lot about snack foods. As Greg likes to say, if you’re drinking beer and eating snacks, you can’t go wrong.

We also caught up with our friend Mark Brault from Deer Creek Malthouse to chat about our involvement the upcoming Philadelphia Grain and Malt Symposium.


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