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Oct 30, 2020

This episode we are joined by Ashleigh Carter, Head Brewer and Co-Owner at Bierstadt Lagerhaus, a traditional, lager-focused brewery in Denver, Colorado. Right up front, we discuss the “slow-pour pils” and why it’s worth waiting for your beer (a conversation we also had – with samples – back in Episode 173 at Victory Brewing). We also talk about the appeal of lagers and the traditions of European and, specifically, German brewing. Other topics include glassware, distribution and control over product quality, and more. As has become the norm, we have a lengthy conversation on the impacts of COVID on the industry at large and the struggles at Bierstadt specifically – including how it has forced them into canning. After that, we lighten things up as Wayne hosts a round of There’s Weird in my Beer in Happy Fun Time. Then more talking and drinking. That’s kind of our whole thing.

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