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Oct 23, 2015


With Adam and Diana Dellinger at Sunny Brae Hops

Once again in Carlisle, PA, this time to visit Sunny Brae hop farm with owners Adam and Diana Dellinger. We talked about the inspiration for and challenges and triumphs of starting a hop farm as first-generation hop growers. Returning the favor from our previous episode, Zach Ziegler from Molly Pitcher also sat in. Dan got us up to speed with news including a child named Miller Lite and a milestone for American breweries. Wayne also chimed in with news of a distribution deal for the Blood, Sweat, & Beer documentary. We played Hopscotch Part Deux in Happy Fun Time and Steph beerducated us on hop aromas in Know Your Beers. All amidst sipping on an array of brews made with Sunny Brae hops as well as a few other special treats.