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Jun 12, 2015

Philly Beer Week Evil Genius Scavenger Hunt at Lucha Cartel

Our good friends at Evil Genius invited us to be a part of their Philly Beer Week Old City Scavenger Hunt/Bar Crawl in which participants had to journey from bar to bar (sipping Evil Genius beers along the way) and participate in some activity at each stop. We held a Happy Fun Time Games Extravaganza at the last stop, Lucha Cartel, and the hunters had to step up to the mic and answer trivia questions to complete their beer-laden quest. Several of the Evil Geniuses also sat down to chat and we got to sample the debut 867-5309 IPA. Many questions were asked, prizes were awarded and craft beer celeb Ashley Rouston (aka The Beer Wench) happend to stop by and stepped up to the mic for a bit and talked about her book, The Beer Wench’s Guide to Beer. So that was pretty awesome.