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May 29, 2015

With John Stemler from Free Will Brewing Company

Kick off Philly Beer Week with this episode at Free Will with renowned brewer John Stemler. John won a raffle for a trip to Belgium to brew at Hof ten DormaalFarmhouse brewery in Tildonk. Tragically, the brewery suffered a fire in January. We recorded this episode at a fundraising event at Free Will. Aside from chatting with John about his brewing experience and his trip to Belgium, we spread the love of Philly Beer Week in both the news and Know Your Beers segments, and played a Philly-themed Years of Beers in Happy Fun Time Games. Also, a cameo appearance by our good friend Bart Kaminski from Hop Hedz who won a bottle of one of the highest-rated and rarest beers in the world, Trappist Westvleteren 12, in a raffle and was uber-cool enough to share it with us on the show to round out our tasting of the equally impressive Free Will brews.