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Oct 12, 2014

With Natalie DeChico and Christian Mosebach from Weyerbacher Brewing


We took a trip to Easton, PA to sit down with two previous podcast guests at Weyerbacher Brewing Company. Natalie DeChico is Weyerbacher’s New Jersey Sales Rep, 2011 Philly Beer Geek and President of the ALEiens Homebrew Club. Christian Mosebach, who joined us last time as brewer for Golden Avalanche, is now beersmithing at Weyerbacher. Another brewer, Zane Miller, also joined us toward the end of the episode. After a tour of this awesome brewery, we got down to business. Dan ran down the news, Wayne debuted a new flavor of Happy Fun Time Games and Steph beerducated us on…well, beerducation. And, of course, we sampled and array of the always fantastic Weyerbacher brews.