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Apr 10, 2020

Welcome to our first podcast from the end of days! We couldn't think of anyone better to help us try to be silly in the current environment than our old pal, Kevin Keller. He's worn many hats in the local beer industry, but is venturing deeper with his new project, Prototype Brewery & Meadery. There was supposed to be a pretty rad event with several local breweries in attendance, but it's been postponed to make sure everyone involved can be as safe as possible. There was no news or Know Your Beers, but we did somehow find a way to play a recycled version of Happy Fun Time Games from 7 years ago. And most importantly, we made each other laugh while supporting some of our favorite breweries, while practicing social distancing.

We sincerely hope everyone out there is safe and healthy, and can't wait to raise a pint with you in person as soon as we're allowed.



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