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Sep 20, 2019

We return to the Beer Busters Podcast Basement to sit down with Chuck and Lou, two guys with a big vision. With many years of experience in the worlds of food and beer, the pair envision re-creating long-lost beers that helped establish Philadelphia as the brewing capital of America. In the news we talk about and taste the Sheetz and Evil Genius collab beer, Project Brewberry Muffinz. Wayne hosts a round of Brewery or Forgery in Happy Fun Time. To the shock of no one, Steph continues her Know Your Hops series, this time with German hops. All the while we sip on a variety of beers from the vaults, and even some patron homebrew.

Unfortunately, since the recording of this episode the Ür Brewery project has been abandoned after a long struggle to secure financing. After listening to our incredible conversations with Lou and Chuck, we are certain you will agree that that is an enormous shame. There is still hope, however, that the dream will be realized in some form and we would love to see that happen.

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