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Sep 8, 2019

In the space that once housed Broken Goblet, we set up shop at the soon-to-open Second Sin Brewing Company in Bristol, PA. With CEO Mike Beresky, Facilities Manager Phil Harris, and Head Brewer Jake Howell, we chatted about where these three came from, how they decided to open a brewery, what Second Sin will look like, and much more. In the news, Dan reported on the acquisition of Platform Brewing by AB-InBev (it was fresh news when we actually recorded this). Wayne hosted a round of There’s Weird in My Beer in Happy Fun Time. And, Steph continued her Know Your Hops series with Part…8?! Also, we drank beer. It was good. Keep your eyes peeled for when Second Sin officially opens their doors, Facebook is probably a good place to start. Plus, in our Patron-exclusive bonus segment, Last Call, we drank some really…interesting (Patron provided) beers. Support us on Patreon to get the inside scoop.

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