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Jul 12, 2019

Another Ephrata Brewfest, another beautiful sunny day at Whistle Stop Plaza. We’ve been to every Ephrata Brewfest since it debuted in 2016, but this year we recorded a podcast on site for the first time! Joined by many old friends from the amazing breweries in attendance, as well as several new-comers to the show, we got to chat and sample some incredible brews. The show kicks off with Patrick Reed, one of the fest’s founders, and the good times continue to roll all day. There are so many beer festivals out there, and we are lucky to be able to pick and choose the best to bring to your ears. This is definitely one of the good ones and we can’t wait to return next year. If you want to check out our adventures from past Ephrata Brewfests, you can eye up our photo galleries and past coverage here.

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