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May 31, 2019

Our friends at Hop Hedz Gear put together an insane music and extreme sports event so intense it could only be contained in an airport hangar at Capital City Airport in New Cumberland, PA. Featuring live performances by some of the nation’s top BMX bike stunt riders from BMX Trickstars, and local skateboarding teams, along with food, booze, and an amazing lineup of music acts, this was a party only the Hop Hedz crew could have thrown. Performers included Drew & the Blue, Gallowglas, Anthrophobia, and the nation’s #1 Beastie Boys Tribute Band – The Brass Monkeys. In between jamming to the tunes, we got to sit down and catch up with some old friends in the house, and meet some new faces. This event was epic, a hell of a time, and we hope it turns into an annual thing, we will definitely be back.

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