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May 3, 2019

In this episode we hit up Schaylor Brewing Company in Shillington, PA to chat with Co-Owners Joe and Lucan. Opened in early 2018, Schaylor proudly “brews outside the lines,” featuring a range of unique brews from fruited sours to stouts infused with breakfast cereal. We chatted about the brewery’s history, philosophy, upcoming plans and more. In the news Dan reported on the closure of two Ballast Point locations and other cutbacks at the Constellation-owned brewery, and we stifle tears as we talk about the imminent closure of Saint Benjamin Brewing in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. Their last day of operations is literally the day after this episode releases, if you are local and have the time, we highly encourage you to stop by this awesome spot while it’s still around. Onto lighter affairs, Wayne hosted a round of Libation or Fabrication in Happy Fun Time. And Steph continues her blockbuster franchise with Know Your Hops Part 4. All of this, and more, as we sip flights from some of the coolest flight paddles on earth.

PATRONS! The Happy Fun Time Punishments continue! This time around the loser is left with “mixed feelings.” Stay tuned to Patreon the Monday after this episode drops to catch the video, and be sure to listen to Last Call for the build-up and aftermath. Plus, we make the mature and responsible decision to sample some whiskeys in this Last Call, so…that’s fun.

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