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Mar 9, 2019

It’s been a long-time coming. We finally make it out to record at one of Pennsylvania’s oldest and best known craft breweries, Stoudts Brewing Company in Adamstown. With founder, brewer and pioneer Carol Stoudt, along with Event Coordinator and master-of-breads-and-cheese, Elizabeth Stoudt, we talked about the long and storied history of this landmark establishment. We also discussed the importance of the seemingly fading concept of flagship beers and “Flagship February”, an initiative to celebrate and rekindle the love for mainstay brews. Plus, a sneak peek at upcoming beers, packaging, and other plans for the Stoudts complex. In Happy Fun Time, Wayne hosted a round of There’s Weird in My Beer. And Steph talked about the English Bitter and ESB styles in Know Your Beers. All while enjoying a buffet of beautiful brews.

Want to hear Carol Stoudt talk about mowing down emus with a machine gun?
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