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Oct 19, 2018

Suburban Brewing is a young brewery – open only about eight months – in the small town of Honey Brook, PA. We sat down with co-founders Eric Yost, a long-time chef and restauranteur, and Corey Ross, brewmaster and home brew shop proprietor, to chat about the paths that led them to opening a brewery, the ups and downs of brewing on a small scale, the local community, and more. Also in this episode, a phone interview with Anchor Brewmaster Scott Ungermann, in which we discussed their new Frog Breaker IPA, their annual Christmas Ale, and the long history of the brewery. Unfortunately, Steph was unable to join us for this episode , but we persevered! No news segment or Know Your Beers this time around, but in Happy Fun Time, Wayne hosted a round of Band or Beer. All while sipping on some fine Suburban brews.

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