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Oct 5, 2018

We again made the trek to our state’s capital to hit up the Millworks, part restaurant, part art gallery/studio, and – most importantly – part brewery, in Midtown Harrisburg. Brewer Jeff Musselman joined us to discuss exciting upcoming plans and events (including expansion to a second location), the story behind the brewery and amazing beers, and more. In the news, Dan reported on a new beer from IHOP, er, IHOB, Bud Light rewarding a long-awaited sports victory in Cleveland, and a recent change in New Jersey law that severely restricts the operation of small breweries (learn more and sign a petition here). Wayne presented a rousing bout of Weird in My Beer in Happy Fun Time, and Steph gushed about German Pils in Know Your Beers. Don’t forget to check out our Patreon to get access to Last Call, a bonus patrons-only segment; in this edition we cracked open a very special bottle Jeff found in a dark corner of the brewery.