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Aug 24, 2018

This episode we paid a visit to the still-under-construction Workhorse Brewing in King of Prussia to chat with founder and owner Dan Hershberg. Dan is a man with big ideas and an ambitious plan for this rather enormous new brewery. The project is set to include a variety of amenities and events, a solid distribution plan, an eye toward future expansion, and is already pumping out quality beer – thanks to the hard work of award-winning brewer, Nate Olewine, formerly of Devil’s Backbone. We’ve rarely, if ever, been this excited about – and impressed with – an up and coming brewery. After hearing what Workhorse has in store, you’ll be just as stoked for its imminent opening. In the news, Dan reported on happenings in Constellation Brands, the official number of breweries in the US, and a punny cease and desist from everyone's favorite West Coast burger chain. Wayne hosted a round of Brewery or Forgery in Happy Fun Time, and Steph talked about wort aeration in Know Your Beers. All while we sampled Workhorse’s offerings (mostly from the fermenters), and some wine?! That’s a first.

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