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Jun 30, 2017

Live at the Ninja, Cowboy, Bear Scavenger Hunt at Evil Genius
Featuring Trevor Hayward and Gordon Brennan

We’re back at Evil Genius again! This time we broadcasted live for the final stop of the Evil Genius Philly Beer Week Scavenger Hunt that lead participants from bar to bar throughout the Fishtown neighborhood. To kick things off we sat down with Trevor and Gordon to chat about the event and its inspiration. At The Lab, the Evil Genius tap room, scavenger hunt teams braved their penultimate task: participating in lighting rounds of Happy Fun Time Games live on the Beer Busters Podcast. After their brief brush with internet fame, the teams participated in a tournament of Ninja, Cowboy, Bear (like Rock, Paper, Scissors but with full-body involvement) to vie to be crowned the winners of the Hunt. Live play-by-play commentary was provided by Dan and Wayne during the tense battle.