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Mar 10, 2017

With Greg Orth and Mike Reaser from Craft Tastings

Master of the “mouthgasm” Greg Orth joined us again for the fourth year in a row to once again guide us through the world of food an beer pairing. His less-than-silent-partner (this time), Mike Reaser also joined in. Mixing it up this time we embarked on a beer pairing free-for-all with several tasty goodies the guys brought along and a veritable king’s ransom in beer. Dan got us up to speed with news, Steph talked about beer in cheese pairings in Know Your Beers (and Cheese) and we played a random pairing game with even more beers and more snacks in Happy Fun Time – and were joined by two of our longest standing patrons from It was a night to remember, though some of those memories are a bit fuzzy.