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Oct 21, 2016

100th Episode Extravaganza at Canal Street Pub

We made it to 100 Episodes! To celebrate this Beer Busters milestone we held a live podcast celebration at Canal Street Pub and invited a slew of past podcast guests to come out and share in the festivities. We have been overwhelmed by the support of the craft beer community in the years since we first launched Beer Busters, and this event only served to solidify how awesome so many of the friends we’ve made along the way truly are. Words cannot express our gratitude for the generosity our fans and friends showed on this momentous occasion, and throughout the life of Beer Busters. We want to truly and deeply thank all of you, everyone who has been on the show, everyone who has supported us and, especially, to all of our fans who have taken this journey with us. There would never have been 100 episodes without all of you. And here’s to 100 more!