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May 14, 2021

This episode is a Beer Busters first, dedicated entirely to non-alcoholic beer. Joining us is the Co-Founder and CEO of Hairless Dog Brewing, Jeff Hollander. The Minneapolis based production brewery produces exclusively alcohol-free beer. And it’s for real. Most “NA” beers are brewed traditionally – alcohol and all – and then have the booze removed, leaving a product that can legally be up to 0.5% ABV. Hairless Dog, however, has developed a process in which alcohol is never introduced at all, it is truly 0% ABV. While this concept may be a bit foreign to us, the demand for non-alcoholic, yet flavorful beers is on the rise. We chat about the many situations this product would be super welcome, whether you’re cutting out the booze entirely, want to cut back, or just to slip in on those occasions where you have a drink in your hand all night and your not really counting those sips. Try as we might, though, Jeff would not divulge the process – who can blame him? Also, we played There’s Weird in My Beer in Happy Fun Time, and sampled the trio of brews currently available from Hairless Dog.

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