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Sep 18, 2020

February 2020 was a time when Corona was just a beer, social distance meant cancelling your Friday plans to watch Netflix, masks were for surgeons, and Human Robot opened their doors in the former Saint Benjamin location in Philadelphia. Despite the subsequent slow-motion train-wreck apocalypse, the new brewery has managed to thrive with a solid offering of top class beers. We are joined this episode by two of the team behind Human Robot, Ken Correll and Chris Roller. Throughout a night of often random and meandering conversation, we discuss a few relevant topics such as: the history of the brewery, their philosophy and approach to beer, and the analog trolling of Memphis Taproom (one of our favorite spots in Philly, of which Ken is a co-owner). In Happy Fun Time, Wayne hosted a game all about weird beer fests, from the before-times when they were still a thing. All of this and more, over copious servings of Human Robot’s best brews.

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